What’s QuikQ?

smartphone question about Japan

-What’s QuikQ?

QuikQ is your personal Japanese guide and tourist information center on your smartphone or mobile device.

We make it easier for tourists to solve their problems in Japan. Tourist information offices are helpful when you are there. However, what if your questions come up when least expected. Well… QuikQ is what you want! We are offering an online-based information service for foreign tourists coming to Japan in which they can ask any questions and get an answer, advice, reccommendation and suggestion. You can ask us questions in English simply using our web chat from https://quikq.jp, as well as adding us on your messenger app, so that you can keep keep in touch with us easily.

-Who can use QuikQ?

Anyone! A tourist planning to come here or is already here, a resident who is working or studying in Japan, especially those who don’t speak Japanese.

-What can I do at QuikQ.JP?

You can ask us anything about Japan without going to either an information center or a police box. You can do so both in English and Japanese. You can start asking questions simply through our Live Chat or by the messenger apps you are using. We use Line, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Email.

-What can I ask?

Asking directions, societal customs, specific kanji, how to say hello in Japanese, reccommendations for restaurants, good sake,  good hotels, relaxing onsen, places to visit, events and more…

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