Introduction for the Japanese Foods Part. 1

washoku, Japanese healthy food

Our Best Foods



まぐろ 寿司 Sushi tuna

It’s everybody’s favorite and one of the most famous cuisines from Japan, without a doubt.
The various types of fish, preparation style and even how we eat sushi impresses many people.
After you try the real sushi here, you probably can’t go back to the one in your hometown.



Japanese ramen, tonkotsu

Ramen is also a popular food from Japan.
We have many types of soup that have different flavors of base soup such as “sho-yu”(soy sause), ton kotsu(pork bone broth), shio(solt), gyo-kai(seafood) etc.
Welcome to the country of ramen!



Japanese grilled dim sum

Gyoza is a kind of dumpling which originally came from China as a cuisine named “Jiaozi”.  The Japanese style grilled food is composed of a ground meat and some ground vegetables. It’s often served at ramen restaurants.


Our Unique Foods


Natto, the Japanese traditional food

Natto(なっとう) is fermented soybeans. It’s a traditional Japanese food.
We usually have it at breakfast with soysauce(sho-yu) and sometimes adding some Japanese mustard called “karashi”.
Its strong smell and flavor might be challenging for you.


-Tsukemono(Japanese pickles)

Japanese pickles,, tsukemono

Tsukemono is pickled vegetables which are usually served with rice or sake.
*It’s common for us to drink while having some small foods or snacks.


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Introduction for the Japanese Foods Part. 2

Introduction for the Japanese Foods Part. 2

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