Introduction for the Japanese Foods Part. 2



Okonomiyaki hiroshima and osaka

Okonomiyaki is a kind of pancake that is filled with cabbage, pork, occasionally some sea foods, topped with sauce, mayonnaise, karashi(the Japanese mustard), katsuobushi(dried skipjack tuna), and some dried seaweed. There are two popular styles one from Hiroshima and the other from Osaka.


-Miso soup


It’s one of the traditional, most healthy, and popular Japanese foods which 

is based on dashi soup with added miso(a seasoning composed of fermented soybeans with salt and koji). Many Japanese people usually have it with every meal because of its nutritious value.



grilled unagi

Unagi is a type of fish which is usually served grilled. There is a special sauce called tare which is put on each piece of grilled Unagi. It’s normally served with rice.



Tempura, Japanese foods

Tempura is battered and fried seafoods and vegetables which was originally imported from Portugal. It’s often served with salt or dashi soup. Tempura is also put on rice with a special sauce.


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Introduction for the Japanese Foods Part. 1

Introduction for the Japanese Foods Part. 1

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