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Founded in 2017 and based in Tokyo, Japan, QuikQ.JP provides information for short and long-term residents and travelers to Japan, helping them by answering their questions about Japanese life. People love our simple and reliable information service.

Founder Yuji Suekawa

Founder Yuji Suekawa

Yuji Suekawa is the founder of QuikQ.JP; an entrepreneur, who has interacted with many foreigners from around the world. He founded this concept of business while answering questions from foreign people.

Message from our customer support team

We are happy to help you have a wonderful and smooth time living or staying in Japan. Our goal however is, as a “Japanese language and cultural adviser and educator” service, to aid you in overcoming any situation by yourself. In order to achieve that goal, we may give you not only the answer to your questions, but also tips, hints, information and advice to help you survive any circumstance. Though online translation services have advanced over the years, we believe that a smooth travel or living life in Japan requires a personal touch. Our information will help make your travel or stay here even more special!

Our mission

Our mission is to help tourists and foreign residents in Japan, especially those who do not speak Japanese, to have a wonderful, trouble-free time living or staying in Japan. In order to achieve this, we offer them advice in English and Japanese. We also aim to introduce them to the amazing places and experiences that Japan has to offer. Japan has a lot of popular places like Shibuya and Kyoto, but there are also many fantastic places to visit that are not so well known. We don't just help people with language difficulties, we also suggest the best services to use here and the best sights to see.

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