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70’s Japanese Music

Artist: Yuki Saito(斉藤由貴) Ichigo Mizu no Glass(いちごのグラス) key vocabs :  ichigo  いちご= strawberry ,  mizu = water (you could probably say,  "mizu kudasai" which means "please may I have some water" a…

Bars and pubs

80’s Japanese Music

Artist:  C-C-B Song: Romantic Ga Tomaranai (ロマンティックがとまらない) tomaranai= the negative form of  "tomaru" which means "to stop"   Artist:…


90’s Japanese Music

    Artist: Urufuruzu (ウルフルズ) Gattsu Daze (ガッツだぜ) *Katakana letters are mainly used for the words that are imported from foreign languages. In this case, "ガッツ" is the word "…

Tokyo Metropolitan

00’~09′ Japanese Music

Artist:  Sukima Suicchi Zenryoku-shonen(全力少年) suicchi = switch,  shonen = boy *shonen usually means a boy from age 5~17…


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While our J-pop and anime songs have become popular worldwide, Japan hosts a lot of foreign artists as well. Stay tuned to the Music information page!…


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