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70’s Japanese Music

Artist: Yuki Saito(斉藤由貴) Ichigo Mizu no Glass(いちごのグラス) key vocabs :  ichigo  いちご= strawberry ,  mizu = water (you could probably say,  "mizu kudasai" which means "please may I have some water" a…


Explore the Japanese Music by 年代

When you are new to the Japanese culture and looking for some Japanese good music, QuikQ.JP music page is the place where you can find it. These days, you may go to You Tube or Apple Music to explo…

Bars and pubs

80’s Japanese Music

Artist:  C-C-B Song: Romantic Ga Tomaranai (ロマンティックがとまらない) tomaranai= the negative form of  "tomaru" which means "to stop"   Artist:…


90’s Japanese Music

    Artist: Urufuruzu (ウルフルズ) Gattsu Daze (ガッツだぜ) *Katakana letters are mainly used for the words that are imported from foreign languages. In this case, "ガッツ" is the word "…

Tokyo Metropolitan

00’~09′ Japanese Music

Artist:  Sukima Suicchi Zenryoku-shonen(全力少年) suicchi = switch,  shonen = boy *shonen usually means a boy from age 5~17…

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