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Japanese Lessons

QQ is helpful not only explaining the nuances of Japanese language, but also the culture and societal customs. We have stayed in Japan for almost 2 years and felt much that there is the langua…


Language Help in Paying Bills

QQ helped me when I didn't understand how to pay a utility bill after moving here. I asked QQ for help just like I would ask a friend. I just handed the bill to a meeting with QQ and QQ explained …


Got An Advice Living in the Neiborhood

QQ is an amazing Japanese service with simple and easy platform. When I just moved in Tokyo from Yokohama, and even rules for use of trash kans was different. So I sent QQ some photos of thos…


Just Like Your Friends Help You

QQ is a really useful service for foreigners visiting Japan. I, as an English, the language difficulty is the toughest thing living here. Thus, what I usually ask for QQ is, Reserving Japanese …


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